State of the Art LED Ultra-Violet Disinfection Systems

Sterilise Drinking and Process water with UV Photons for Pathogen Inactivation

The Best in LED UV-C Disinfection Technology


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The Worlds First UV-C LED Whole Home Point of Entry Residential Water Disinfection

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Thoughtful Design

A World of Opportunity

Environmental Friendly UV-C LEDs

Utilizes small, state of the art UV-C LEDs, which provide instant full power and unlimited on/off cycling without the use of harmful chemicals or traditional UV lamps.

Flexible Operation

Designed to go above and beyond, powered with 12 V DC, solar or battery is a realistic option. With a high IP rating, the PearlAqua reliably treats water in the most remote places.


The PearlAqua platform is the most certified and tested UV-C LED product range in the world - boasting certifications from NSF, WQA, ISO, Reach, IEC, Watermark, and more.



The Future of UV Disinfection is Here

Harmful contaminants affect our individual lives in many ways, and millions suffer as a direct result. 

LED UV-C Systems supplies a key technology to be part of the solution.

Whether in your home, business premises, remote community, healthcare facility, industrial process, or even in an aircraft; our highly portable, robust, and versatile technology offers chemical free disinfection of waterborne pathogens either at the the point of entry to a water system or at the point of consumption. Sterilisation of micro-organisms using chlorine or conventional mercury vapour UV lamps utilize potentially harmful materials, all of our products use UV-C LEDs or deep spectrum Ultraviolet LEDs to disinfect water, air, and surfaces. Our  LED based disinfection technology prevents the need to add additional hazards to our customer's environment.