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State of the Art LED Ultra-Violet Disinfection Systems

Sterilise Drinking and Process water with UV Photons for Pathogen Inactivation

The Best in LED UV-C Disinfection Technology

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PearlAqua Micro

Point of use water disinfection - Small and intelligently designed for use under the sink or in water coolers, caravans, boats and OEM applications etc.

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Experience Advanced LED UV Water Sterilisation Solutions

Environmentally-Friendly, Energy-Efficient & Safe Water Purification for Your Home or Business

Welcome to our cutting-edge LED UV water treatment systems! We specialise in providing innovative ultraviolet water sterilisation solutions that harness the power of LED technology. Our environmentally-friendly, efficient, and safe water purification systems are designed to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Explore our range of products and discover the advantages of using LED UV technology over traditional mercury lamp-based systems.

LED UV Water Purification Process

Our advanced LED UV water treatment systems use ultraviolet light to eliminate harmful microorganisms, ensuring the safety and purity of your water supply. Experience clean and safe water with our chemical-free purification process that effectively inactivates bacteria, viruses, and parasites by disrupting their DNA.

Benefits of LED UV Water Treatment

Choose our LED UV water treatment systems and enjoy numerous advantages over traditional mercury lamp-based systems:

  1. Eco-friendly: Our mercury-free LED UV technology offers an environmentally-friendly water purification solution.

  2. Energy-efficient: LEDs consume less energy than mercury lamps, reducing operational costs and carbon footprint.

  3. Longer lifespan: With a longer lifespan than mercury lamps, LED UV systems require less frequent replacements and minimise maintenance costs.

  4. Instant on/off: Unlike mercury lamps, our LED UV systems can be turned on and off instantly for greater control and flexibility.

  5. Compact design: Ideal for space-constrained installations, LED UV systems feature a smaller, more versatile design.

Applications of LED UV Water Sterilisation Systems

Our LED UV water treatment technology is suitable for various applications:

  1. Residential: Protect your home and family with our easy-to-install LED UV water purification systems.

  2. Commercial: Ensure clean, disinfected water in hotels,  restaurants, offices, and other commercial establishments with our reliable LED UV systems.

  3. Industrial: Safeguard your industrial processes with our high-quality LED UV water disinfection equipment.

  4. Well Water: Enhance the safety and quality of well water with our efficient LED UV water treatment solutions.

  5. Aquaculture & Agriculture: Maintain optimal water conditions in fish farms and agricultural settings using our advanced LED UV water sterilisation technology.

Contact Us Today:

Upgrade to our state-of-the-art LED UV water treatment systems and experience the benefits of LED technology. With energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and reduced maintenance costs, you can enjoy clean, safe water with confidence. Contact us now to learn more about our innovative LED UV water sterilisation solutions and find the perfect system to meet your needs.

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Thoughtful Design

A World of Opportunity

Environmental Friendly UV-C LEDs

Utilises small, state of the art UV-C LEDs, which provide instant full power and unlimited on/off cycling without the use of harmful chemicals or traditional UV lamps.

Flexible Operation

Designed to go above and beyond; with power options from 12 VDC to 230 VAC, electrical supply from solar or battery is a realistic option. With a high IP rating, the PearlAqua reliably treats water in the most remote places.


The PearlAqua platform is the most certified and tested UV-C LED product range in the world - boasting certifications from NSF, WQA, ISO, Reach, IEC, Watermark, and more.

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Clean Room

Electronics Intergration

Assembly of the LED UV-C devices are carried out in clean room conditions - mitigating electronic and mechanical failure and increasing the duty and longevity of each PearlAqua UV system.

Quality Control

A Rigorous QC Program

Outgoing Quality inspections ensure the PearlAqua UV systems purchased meet the exacting standards you would expect from a manufacturer distributing to a global market.

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Precision Engineering

Heat Welding of PearlAqua Micro LED UV Sterilisers

State of the art design and fabrication allows the PearlAqua Micro LED UV-C Water Sterilisation system to be mass produced for OEM applications and maintain its title as the world's smallest UV Disinfection device.

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