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The PearlAqua comes fully equipped for maximum environmental protection.

  • All inclusive / self contained system

  • Robust Construction

  • Incorporated fan & heat sink

  • External lamp indicators

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PearlAqua Standard: About

Maximum Environmental Protection

PearlAqua offers the most advanced disinfection without any risk to the environment. Low power requirements and no harmful materials make the PearlAqua the best option.

Replaceable UVinaire®

UVinaire is a replaceable LED lamp module that is the heart of the PearlAqua. Easily replaced at  the end of its 10,000 hour life, it includes a safety interlock switch and on-board data logging.

Point of Use Treatment

PearlAqua can instantly deliver safe and clean water. The compact design is self-contained without the requirement for a separate control box as required with a traditional UV system.

UV Intensity Monitoring

UV sensor option available to monitor real-time UV intensity within the reactor chamber for mission-critical applications.

Performance Indicator

External indication of lamp operation, and alarm conditions. Remote start/stop operation with unlimited cycles per day.

Temperature Independent

LEDs do not transfer heat to the water, thus limiting fouling and ensuring a constant UV output regardless of water temperature.

PearlAqua Standard: List

Replaceable UVinaire®

Easily replaced at the end of its 10,000 hour life

PearlAqua Standard: Image
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