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PearlAqua Micro

The PearlAqua Micro is simply the world's smallest UV disinfection system, ideal for point-of-use integration.

  • Advanced flow cell design​

  • New category of UV Disinfection - Micro UV

  • Unlimited on/off switching

  • Instant Germicidal Intensity on start-up

  • upto 10,000 hours 'lamp on' life 

  • Light weight

  • Extremely affordable

  • Mercury Free

  • NSF Regulation 4 Certified

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NSF/ANSI 55-2019

The PearlAqua Micro is Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI 55 and NSF Regulation 4 for materials and structural integrity requirements.

Micro UV

The PearlAqua Micro debuts the most compact UV system in the world. Highly configurable, this product can be installed directly at the point of use.

Flexible Integration

The Micro platform is designed for integration in the tightest places. It allows for the application of UV technology in treatment processes never thought possible.

UV Intensity Monitoring

UV sensor option available to monitor real-time UV intensity within the reactor chamber for mission-critical applications.

Comprehensive Model Line-Up

4 discrete models available for a broad range of flow rates. Allows the user to optimize based on process water conditions.

Temperature Independent

LEDs do not transfer heat to the water, thus limiting fouling and ensuring a constant UV output regardless of water temperature.

PearlAqua Micro: List
Flow Switch Assembly ISO Left.png

Flow Switch and Interface Board.

To further compliment the Micro 'C' we offer an optional integrated flow switch. This addition benefits the user by only switching on the LED's within the Micro UV disinfection unit when flow is passed through the device therefore saving energy. The flow switch integration removes the need for the system to be constantly on or the need for external control switching and simplistically automates the UV unit and extends its usable lifetime. LED UV units instantly reach kill intensity when switched on giving confidence that no water passes un-treated. 

The Flow switch and interface board is only compatible with the Micro 'C' range. 

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Home or Business

The drinking water supply in many large domestic or business properties  is supplied via an indirect water system. This is mainly due to the required pressure needed to send water to all the outlets in the building is not always available from the utility provider, or the peak demand surpasses what the utility can provide. Therefore water enters the building and is stored in a Cold Water Storage Tank (CWST), from here water is boosted by a pump set to the areas of water use around the building such as showers, taps, toilets etc. Water temperatures should be kept below 20 DegC to prevent biological growth as detailed in ACoP L8 'The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems.' Water should also be flushed through pipework regularly to prevent stagnation and biofilm formation. These Risk mitigation measures are not always enough and owners and landlords turn to chemical treatment such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide dosed into the water supplied to the building. Chemical dosing has the benefits of residual disinfection of the water but has a high capital outlay cost as well as ongoing operational costs, you are also adding further chemicals to the water. Not all outlets of your building may need such treatment as they are deemed as low risk from producing an aerosol. Here selective Point of Use Water Disinfection becomes a solution. The LED UV-C PearlAqua Micro can be a cost effective method of protection for your potable water outlets from harmful pathogens, whether its a shower or drinking / cooking tap. A simple integration into the pipe just before the outlet and you have chemical free control of pathogens.

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Health Care

Water plays an important roll in the field of health care. Whether its irrigating or  flushing a patients oral cavity during dental procedures, washing surgical equipment  or dispersing water into the surgical field to increase visibility of an area. 
Whether municipal or closed water systems are used as the source, biological control is paramount. Microorganisms can cause patient infections when used during procedures. Waterlines, including those connected to municipal water sources or closed-bottle systems, typically cannot be sterilised; however, they should be routinely cleaned and disinfected. Without proper cleaning and disinfection, waterborne microorganisms can collect in the waterline and form a biofilm, a layer of microorganisms or bacteria adhered to the surface of the waterline, that can become dislodged and enter the water stream. Contaminated waterlines pose a risk of infection to the patient, particularly during surgical procedures by direct exposure of waterborne pathogens and to professionals due to inhalation of aerosols.
The addition of the PearlAqua Micro LED UV-C water disinfection system at the point of water use, with its low impact  in size and power consumption as well as its robust mercury free Light Emitting Diode (LED)  platform will further mitigate the risk of bacterial slippage to the patient.

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Purified water whether type 1, 2 or 3 is a key product laboratories rely on. Type 3 & 2 water tend to be manufactured centrally where Type 1 ultrapure water may be manufactured more local to point of use using type 2 or 3 as feed water. These waters need to be free from biological load, even contamination of glassware can cause detrimental effects on procedures and falsify results. Submicron filters using ultrafiltration to sieve out bacteria or Reverse Osmosis for 99% ion removal and Ultra-Violet inactivation using wavelength 254nm can be used effectively to remove bacteria and endotoxins and purify lab water. UV @ 254nm disrupts the DNA of micro-organisms rendering them unable to reproduce. UV Germicidal Irradiation should be used post water storage tanks or filtration to prevent any bacteria slippage reaching your process water outlet. 

LED UV Technology benefits the pharmaceutical lab water industry with durable point of use mercury free disinfection platforms; lower light source working temperatures with stabilised heat dissipation; instant full power irradiation intensity; unlimited on/off cycles and upto 10,000 hours of 'lamp on' time.  Choose the PearlAqua Micro for your lab water bacteria control. 

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Beverage Industry - Vending, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Water

The non-alcoholic EU beverage industry is estimated to be valued at US$633 billion in the year 2024. High disposable income, rapid urbanization, and changing lifestyles are the major factors that contribute to the growth of the global beverage industry. The non-alcoholic beverage market in the European region is driven by shifts in consumer preferences towards healthier alternatives. This industry is continuously innovating new products to satisfy the needs of its native consumers.
Considering the shift towards a healthier drinks alternative, the UK vending industry has received little microbiological attention. Although reported cases of gastroenteritis related to drinks vending are rare, there is evidence of microbial contamination and one reported outbreak of gastroenteritis concerning consumption of hot chocolate.
Waterborne pathogens are the greatest risk to human health. Viruses and infections exist largely between water entering our buildings and the building water distribution system in it, as well as the last few metres before point of delivery, this is where Point of Use water disinfection is best suited.
Whether you are operating coffee machines, water dispensers or mixed drink option vending machines, a UV-C Dose of the feed water as close to the point of delivery not only disinfects the water it maintains the cleanliness of your machine.
Hot drink dispensers use a plate or shell and tube heat exchanger where electricity generates heat over a surface that water passes past, these hot spot areas are a preferential space where bacteria and biofilm thrive due to the warmer temperatures. Apart from the health issue potential of biofilm breaking off and entering the vended drink, biofilm has a very low thermal capacity, this means that it takes more energy to heat the water passing the heat exchanger or the water doesn’t heat to the desired temperature at all because the biofilm is preventing the heat transferring to the water.
UV-C light works by breaking down nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving bacteria unable to perform vital cellular functions such as replication, if bacteria cant replicate then they cannot form biofilm.
The PearlAqua Micro offers advanced LED Ultra-Violet technology and is the smallest POU UV system in the world. A simple install on your water inlet to the vending appliance via the 3/8” push-fit connection after your filtration system and you have your safeguard against bacteria to your machine and consumer. LEDs have the significant advantage of being able to switch on and off unlimited times and when they are switched on, they are instantly at full germicidal irradiation intensity which makes them ideal for intermittent vending flows. Requiring only 12 or 24 volts to run the LED UV-C system and with an optional flow switch integration the PearlAqua Micro is undoubtedly the right water POU disinfection solution for your business.

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