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Why Use LED UV Technology

In much the same way that LEDs have revolutionised the display and lighting industries, UV-C LED technology is  providing new, improved, and expanded solutions in both air and water treatment. Protection from bacteriological contamination and proliferation is now available where mercury-based systems could not previously have been conceivably used.

LED UVC germicidal reduction is the next generation of chemical free water disinfection. Offering instant on/off control with water flow rate and instant kill intensity. LED UV-C Systems can provide market leading UV sterilisation performance.

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LED UV-C Benefits

A holistic design approach provides simple plug-and-play usability, low maintenance and unique benefits beyond current state of the art UV-C LEDs alone. Combining the most efficient LEDs available with an extremely efficient reactor design provides systems that lead the UV disinfection industry.

The durability of the LED 's offer integrity reliability within your water  system, whether a potable or process application compared to glass mercury lamps shielded by a quartz sleeve. 

A key benefit in using LED UV-C's compared to Mercury lamps is that they are completely Mercury Free.  Mercury is considered by WHO as one of the top ten chemicals or groups of chemicals of major public health concern.

An environmentally friendly alternative to mercury lamps because they do not contain heavy metals and therefore do not require special handling or disposal.

Each LED UV-C disinfection system runs off only 12 or 24 Volts which expands the usability and location options. You can even run from a solar panel or a 12V car battery!

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Temperature Independent

LEDs do not transfer heat to the water, thus limiting fouling and ensuring a constant UV output regardless of water temperature.

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