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PearlAqua Tera

The PearlAqua Tera offers UV Water Disinfection for Municipal / Industrial level Flow Rates.

  • Advanced UV LED design​

  • Instant Start-Up intensity 

  • Unlimited on/off cycles

  • Low Maintenance

  • Replaceable Lamp Modules

  • Remote I/O Interface

  • UV Intensity Monitoring

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PearlAqua Tera: About

UV disinfection is an alternative to Chlorine dosing which allows you disinfect water without concerns about excessive levels of chlorine-based disinfectants or by-products. In municipal water treatment, UV disinfection is typically the last stage in a multi-stage treatment process to remove any remaining protozoa, bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens that may have a harmful impact on public health.
Ultraviolet light has been proven to destroy the reproductive capabilities of pathogens by damaging their RNA and DNA, effectively rendering microbes inactive and harmless. LED UV disinfection uses a wavelength around 280 nm for optimal disinfection vs lamp longevity. By designing the system to provide the correct contact time and intensity, managing officials can deactivate harmful pathogens without having to worry about excessive amounts of chlorine in the water.
PearlAqua Tera systems offered by LED UV-C Systems Ltd safely purify water without harmful chemicals or Mercury based lamps.

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  • Compact UV-C LED System

  • Compliant with USEPA UV Guidance

  • No Harmful chemicals or mercury

  • Features replaceable lamp module

  • Stabilised UV-C output power

  • Advanced cooling design

  • Remote I/O interface

  • Realtime UV Intensity Monitoring

  • Extended lamp-life

  • Instant on/off

  • Unlimited on/off cycling

  • Low maintenance 

  • Municipal Water

  • Industrial Process

  • Cooling Water

Specified and built on a project by project basis.

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Flange Sizes





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Why LED UV for High Flow Applications

Conventional mercury systems are typically left on 24 hours a day 7 days a week due to warm up times and restriction on switching the lamps on and off. This uses unnecessary power if water is not in demand, costing money and wasting energy.

Utilising Side Mount Lamp Modules in combinations of 1, 2 and 3 module designs, the Tera is a durable system and not subject to quartz sleeve failure and down stream contamination. 

Low cost of ownership - Reduced maintenance costs - Extended lamp life - No mercury lamps - Idle flow UV Pulsing

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Want to know more? 

Contact us to discuss your requirements, we will be pleased to assist you with your project.

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