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PearlAqua Deca

The PearlAqua Deca is the world's first UV-C LED Point-of-Entry (POE) residential System

  • Advanced UV LED design​

  • Designed for intermittent flow

  • Low cost of ownership

  • UV Intensity monitoring as standard

  • NSF Regulation 4 Certified

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PearlAqua Deca: About

Point-of-Entry (POE) Water Treatment Systems: The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Water

Discover the benefits of Point-of-Entry (POE) water treatment systems and learn about the revolutionary PearlAqua Deca UV POE water disinfection system for clean, safe water.

Point-of-Entry (POE) Water Treatment Systems: The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Water

Are you considering installing a water treatment system for your home or business? Point-of-Entry (POE) systems provide comprehensive water purification and treatment for your entire property, ensuring clean and safe water for various applications. Read on to learn more about POE systems, LED UV water treatment, and how the innovative PearlAqua Deca UV water disinfection system, supplied by LED UV-C Systems Ltd, stands out in the market.

What is a Point-of-Entry (POE) Water Treatment System?

A Point-of-Entry (POE) water treatment system involves installing water treatment equipment, such as an ultraviolet water treatment system, on the main incoming water line to a property, be it a home or business. POE systems treat all water entering the property, except in some cases, water used exclusively for irrigation purposes may be left untreated. This comprehensive approach ensures clean and safe water for various applications throughout the property.

Point-of-Entry (POE) vs. Point-of-Use (POU) Water Treatment Systems

It's essential to differentiate between Point-of-Entry (POE) and Point-of-Use (POU) water treatment systems. While POE systems treat water at the main incoming line, ensuring comprehensive treatment and water purification for the entire property, POU systems treat water only at a single tap or application, providing localised water treatment.

Introducing the PearlAqua Deca: A Revolutionary LED UV Water Disinfection System

The PearlAqua Deca, supplied by LED UV-C Systems Ltd, a specialist in LED UV technology, is the world's first LED-driven Ultra-Violet (UV) POE water disinfection system, offering flow rates of up to 47 litres per minute. Its cutting-edge technology and features make it the ultimate choice for a point of entry water disinfection system and water steriliser.

5-Year Lamp Replacement Interval

The PearlAqua Deca boasts a remarkable 5-year+ lamp replacement interval, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring uninterrupted UV water treatment.

UV Intensity Monitoring and Power Modulation

The Deca's UV intensity monitoring feature ensures optimal water disinfection, while its power modulation according to flow rate guarantees efficient energy usage for your ultraviolet water treatment system.

Intermittent Flow Related Switching and Unlimited On/Off Cycles

With intermittent flow-related switching and unlimited on/off cycles as standard features, the PearlAqua Deca provides reliable and continuous water disinfection tailored to your property's water usage patterns.

Why the PearlAqua Deca is the Only POE Water Disinfection System Worth Buying

The PearlAqua Deca's advanced features, energy efficiency, and long-lasting performance make it the best choice for Point-of-Entry water disinfection systems. Trust in LED UV-C Systems Ltd's expertise and experience to supply this innovative LED UV water treatment solution for clean, safe water throughout your entire property.

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UV Sterilisation: Effectively Inactivating Harmful Pathogens for Safe Drinking Water 

How UV sterilisation inactivates a wide range of harmful pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi, ensuring safe and clean water for your home.

UV Sterilisation: Effectively Inactivating Harmful Pathogens for Safe Water

UV sterilisation has emerged as an effective method to inactivate a wide range of harmful pathogens, ensuring safe and clean water. Learn more about the types of pathogens that UV sterilisation targets and how this technology can help protect you and your family from waterborne illnesses.

Bacteria: Eliminating Common Culprits of Illness

UV photons effectively inactivates harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, Legionella, and Shigella, which can cause gastrointestinal illnesses, pneumonia, and other infections. UV sterilisation is a powerful tool in protecting against bacterial contamination in water supplies.

Viruses: Neutralising Viral Threats

UV water purification can neutralise viruses, including norovirus, hepatitis A, rotavirus, and influenza, which can cause a variety of illnesses, such as gastroenteritis and respiratory infections. By targeting viruses, Ultra-violet disinfection helps ensure safe and healthy water.

Protozoa: Inactivating Waterborne Parasites

UV-C treatment can effectively inactivate waterborne protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which can cause gastrointestinal illnesses like diarrhoea, nausea, and stomach cramps. UV sterilisation helps to safeguard against these common waterborne parasites.

Fungi: Controlling Fungal Contamination

UV water disinfection can also help control certain fungi and mould spores, which can cause allergies, infections, and other health issues. This additional layer of protection is especially beneficial in maintaining clean and safe water.

Factors Affecting UV Sterilisation Effectiveness

The effectiveness of any UVC water sterilisation system depends on factors such as the intensity of the UV light, the duration of exposure, and the specific wavelength used. It is crucial to ensure the water is clear and free of particles that could shield pathogens from UV light. Trust in LED UV-C Systems Ltd's expertise to provide effective UV sterilisation solutions for your water treatment needs.

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First UV LED PoE System

PearlAqua Deca offers the first whole home UV LED disinfection system, offering greater than 99.99% pathogen reduction without the use of harmful materials.

Peace of Mind at Home

With UV Intensity monitoring as standard, instant on/off disinfection for intermittent flows, and no hot water shot, the PearlAqua Deca provides advanced UV treatment for the water in your home.

Low Cost of Ownership

Efficient UV LED technology cuts your electric consumption. Designed for intermittent flows, PearlAqua Deca only uses power when water is flowing, drastically reducing the energy needed.

Low Maintenance

The PearlAqua Deca features a 5-year lamp replacement interval, reduced mineral fouling, and no handling of fragile lamps or sleeves making it the lowest maintenance option on the market.

Dynamic Power Control

Beyond instant on/off, PearlAqua Deca features Dynamic Power Control, providing optimum performance across all flow rates– saving you money with a lower electric bill.


The PearlAqua Deca has been certified by a 3rd party laboratory in accordance with US EPA drinking water guidelines and carries NSF Regulation 4 Certification

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Conventional UV Power Use

Conventional mercury systems are typically left on 24 hours a day 7 days a week due to warm up times and restriction on cycling. This uses unnecessary power if water is not in use, costing money and wasting energy.

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Common UV LED Power Use

UV LEDs offer instantaneous on/off capabilities with 100% power within nanoseconds. This however, does not account for the variations in flowrates in whole house systems, so the UV LEDs treat the water at full power 100% of the time.

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Dynamic Power Control
Only With PearlAqua Deca

Beyond instant on/off capabilities of UV LEDs, PearlAqua Deca features Dynamic Power Control, providing optimum performance across all flow rates– saving you money with a lower electric bill. When low flow rates are detected, the system adapts and lowers the power consumption.

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