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OEM Support

Integration of LED UV-C Disinfection devices into an OEM's product is one of the key reasons why the PearlAqua systems are so versatile.

UV-C Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor devices consisting of multiple material layers built up from a substrate material. They are packaged individually and mounted onto a printed circuit board and driven at a constant current from a low voltage DC source. They can be engineered to emit UV photons in the UV-C range and thus are used to perform the same functions as conventional mercury gas discharge UV lamps; however, they are an environmentally friendly alternative because they do not contain heavy metals, and do not require special handling or disposal. Moreover, their instantaneous on-off operation, and their reduced footprint enables higher degrees of design freedom for applications where size, voltage, rapid operation, and architecture constraints have prohibited the use of conventional mercury lamp technology.

Designed with optional monitoring functionality, select devices have the ability to transmit the health, UV intensity, temperature and lamp life of the UV system. In addition remote switching on and off via a relay or flow switch is easily achieved. 

The compact nature of the PearlAqua Micro combined with a pressure rating upto 300psi, a lamp life of 10,000 hours with unlimited switching and instant deactivation of pathogens when switched on offer new potential where the older technology of mercury lamps were impractical.

LED UV-C systems run cooler than mercury lamps too, mercury lamps are surrounded by water on all sides and lamp temperatures can reach 400 to 600 DegC. With forward facing Light Emitting Diodes providing the treatment, heat is rejected and managed at the rear. Therefore the water temperature remains more stable in start / stop flow situations. 

LED UV-C Systems Ltd with Aquisense can assist in development of purpose built products for your specific project; including, if required tailoring of the UV-C output wavelength. 

UV-C can -

  • Control Bacteriological proliferation

  • Mitigate Biofilm growth

  • Reduce Algae 

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POU  Integration

The PearlAqua Micro's compact dimensions allow system integration in multiple locations.

Ultraviolet LEDs are gaining interest in water dispensing applications to provide enhanced disinfection. This digital technology boasts several unique benefits including instant on, small footprint and long replacement intervals.


Inlet Disinfection

This method leaves the disinfection outside the device or process. The UV LED system is easier to replace but with lamp lifetimes of up to 10,000 hours, the need to replace is less frequent when compared to conventional mercury lamps. Typical applications include - Pre treatment to coffee machines and multi-drink vending machines.

Inlet Water Dispenser Diagram lable PAQ

 Process Disinfection

This type of installation is protected within the OEM product and is closer to the point of use. The level of contamination possible from the point disinfection to the Point of use has been diminished. Applications include mixed drink vending machines and 19 gallon water coolers.

Integrated Water Dispenser Diagram lable

Point of Consumption Disinfection

Point of consumption or point of use disinfection offers the most protection for contamination in a product or system. By installing a UV-C LED system at the point of consumption two major benefits are offered – retrograde protection and last mile protection. Retrograde contamination happens when bacteria from the outlet contaminates the system by colonising the outlet and progressing into the system. Last mile protection offers disinfection from pathogens that might be growing at any point prior to the outlet. Point of use protection offers the manufacturer an assured disinfection of their product for the end user. Additional protection can be offered by periodically pulsing the LED UV’s when not in use to maintain a sterilised dispense point.

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The Horizontal Micro Platform

Purposefully designed for point of dispense / use integration. The moulded fixing pad allows firm fastening to the vending appliance. The Micro Horizontal  provides disinfection literally at the cup.

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PearlAqua Micro OEM Integration

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PearlAqua Standard Treating Humidifier Feed Water


PearlAqua Standard Treating Reverse Osmosis Permeate Water

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