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Quick Reference Ultra-Violet Dose Requirements

UV Power needed to inactivate the most common pathogens

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UV Dose Table: Welcome
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Our LED UV Devices comfortably inactivate these pathogens

Key considerations to make prior to UV system selection include your flow rate requirement and any pre-filtration needed.

Flow rate: UV doses are base on 'contact time', this is the time the water within the system chamber has contact with the UV-C Photons. The slower the water passes through the unit the more dose is achieved. Our PearlAqua range has the max flow rate achievable vs the available dose (in mj/cm^2) detailed with the specific option on our LED UV Units shop page. Choose a device that exceeds your flow and dose requirement.

Pre-Filtration: UV Photons are rays of light that bounce around the reaction chamber disrupting the DNA of any pathogens the light reaches rendering it unable to replicate. Depending on your water source, there may be some particulate loading in your water, these are very small microscopic particles not even visible to the naked eye however they can prevent 'shadow' light from reaching the pathogen. In this case it is advised that a pre-filter is installed in the range of 5 to 10 microns to improve the efficacy of the LED UV system. 

UV Dose Table: Image
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