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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Intellectual compact RO system with built-in pressure pump and 5 litre water storage tank

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Intellectual and fully automatic Reverse Osmosis purifier with the innovative storage tank that provides exceptionally fast filling combined with low drain water loss. Automatically adjusts for maximum recovery of clean water. Optimizes Calcium and Magnesium concentration, depending on the initial water hardness.

Aquaphor RO-202S makes delicious and absolutely safe, soft and odourless water, no matter what the initial water quality is. Requires one-third of the space under the sink usually assigned to classic RO systems.

Additional features of Aquaphor RO-202S:
- built-in electric pressure pump allows efficient operation in case of low tap water pressure
- built-in pressure pump assures fast and even flow of clean water from the drinking water faucet
- the automatic reminder with light and sound indication helps to keep track of timely filter replacement

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Protection against viruses and bacteria


Clean water storage tank

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Versatile protection from waterborne threats

Reduces common tap water contaminants including chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, nitrates and nitrites, bacteria and viruses, hard water minerals.



Hard Water Minerals

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Bacteria & Viruses

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Nitrates & Nitrites


Organic Compounds

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Reverse Osmosis Systems: Services
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Advantages of reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis is a technology used by bottled water and food manufacturers around the world. Home reverse osmosis filters (membrane water purifiers) make tap water of any quality absolutely safe.
It’s much more budget-friendly to install a reverse osmosis water purification system right in the kitchen under the sink than to buy bottled water. The cost of water you get at home is at least 10 times less.

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How does reverse osmosis work?

Due to the pipeline pressure, water is pressed through the reverse osmosis membrane. It does not let any other substances through except water, therefore harmful impurities and hardness salts remain on its surface, and then are washed off into the sewer (drain water). Reverse osmosis is based on the natural biological process called osmosis: it helps to saturate the cells of plants, animals and humans with useful substances (water carries them through the cell membrane).

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What are the characteristics of the reverse osmosis filtered water?

RO filter makes water safe, eliminating any contaminants. It even removes pesticides, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics, bacteria and viruses. Hospitals and dialysis stations use reverse osmosis systems to remove the most difficult-to-separate impurities (their trace amounts can be dangerous). Because of its utter safety, water purified by reverse osmosis filters is best suited for the baby food.

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Why is reverse osmosis used for protection against scale?

The membrane in a reverse osmosis system does not let any hardness salts (calcium and magnesium, which are the main reason of scale formation and equipment breakdown) through. Therefore, reverse osmosis is the most effective means of hard water purification. Compare: in sorption filters, softening cartridges need to be changed every 1-2 months, and in reverse osmosis systems, you get rid of scale for the entire membrane life period (1.5-2 years).

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Reverse osmosis is recommended by chefs, baristas and nutritionists

NB: It is best to prepare food and drinks in soft water (with low mineral content). Hard water is not good for cooking, because the excess of minerals leads to poor extraction of flavour. The mineral-free water tastes unusual.

A high-quality home reverse osmosis system deeply purifies water and enriches it with the necessary amount of minerals (e.g., magnesium). It also neutralizes water’s pH level.

Water with low mineral content and neutral pH is good for health. It is suitable for people with disorders of acid-base balance and sensitive digestion. Moderately mineralized water speeds up the removal of toxins, helps to digest food and enjoy its taste.

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Available for Download

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RO-202S Operation Manual

Cartridge Instruction Manual

Replacement Filters


Designed with CarbFiber Block technology, the replacement filter uses finely divided activated coconut shell carbon. Its dense structure allows it to effectively remove organic impurities and active chlorine from the water. It filters particles down to 3 micron in size.

Containing modified selective chelating groups, the ion-exchange Aqualen fibers deeply and irreversibly purify the water from heavy metals.

The replacement filter contains silver in its active ionic form.



Sediment filter cartridge pre-filtration. Replacement sediment filter manufactured from 100% Polypropylene. It is used to retain dirt and other sediment particles 5 micron or larger in the incoming water.


Contains a permeable membrane which removes all harmful impurities from water including bacteria and viruses. Provides absolute long-term protection from scaling. Protects from any contact to impurities inside the filter while the simple replacement procedure.

This Replacement Suits Aquaphor RO-202S



Aquaphor K7M is used as the final step in Aquaphor reverse osmosis purifiers. It provides water conditioning and remineralization for better taste and recommended electrolyte balance of the drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems: Services

Please visit our shop for our Reverse Osmosis Systems and replacement Cartridges

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