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PearlAqua Kilo

Why PearlAqua Kilo?

Designed with meticulous attention to detail and superior LED UV technology, the PearlAqua Kilo goes beyond traditional mercury lamp systems, offering a plethora of benefits that redefine efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in water disinfection.

The PearlAqua Kilo offers UV-C Sterilisation of water at flow rates of 11m3/h to 230m3/h.

Unrivalled Efficiency & Versatility

The PearlAqua Kilo provides on-demand UV LED water disinfection, allowing it to adapt to varying flow rates and water qualities. Whether for residential water treatment, commercial or industrial water disinfection, aquaculture, hydroponics, or food and beverage processing, the Kilo delivers outstanding performance. Its compact size makes it easy to integrate into existing systems or set up in new installations. 

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UV Disinfection of Drinking Water

The PearlAqua Kilo system is a cutting-edge UV disinfection system for water treatment, designed to offer efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly sterilisation. This system employs advanced UV LED technology to neutralize harmful microorganisms, ensuring safe and clean water for a variety of uses. Its compact design and energy-efficient operation make it an ideal choice for applications ranging from residential to industrial, emphasizing its role in promoting health and environmental sustainability.

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PearlAqua Kilo: Image
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