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SPECTRUM Powder Activated Carbon Block Filter 5μm 10"BB

SPECTRUM Powder Activated Carbon Block Filter 5μm 10"BB

SKU: 101816

Typical Applications -

  • Drinking Water
  • VOC and THM reduction
  • Reverse Osmosis Protection


Widely used and favoured for drinking water treatment and beverage production where chloramines are not present; the Standard Chlorine Block (SCB) is formulated from low ash content, microporous coconut carbon that targets VOCs and THMs. Acid wash during the production process and low fine content give excellent rinse-up times as well as regulating pH and taste. The SCB also gives an improved flowrate and lower pressure drop, reducing the size of the housing required, making it a firm favourite for drinking water, pre-RO and applications where end product consumption is a consideration.


Key Features -

  • Extruded under high pressure, eliminating the need for overuse of binders, increasing flow and dirt holding capabilities
  • Highly porous, lightweight, clean and tight microporous structure effective at reducing chlorine, taste and odour contaminants
  • Pre-washed, eliminating carbon fines
  • 75% minimum free chlorine reduction ensures the SCB's superiority over the ECB


WRAS Approved

  • Product Specification

    Micron Rating: 5um

    Max Operating Temperature: 52 DegC

    Max opperating Pressure Differential: 2.5 bar 

    Acreditations: WRAS

                          Standard Carbon Block (SCB) Properties                    

    Chlorine Reduction (l)

    @ 2mg/l

    Chlorine Reduction (l)

    @ 0.2mg/l

    Pressure drop (bar) @ Flow rate (lpm)
    10" 13,000 113,750 0.3 3.8
    20" 26,000 227,500 0.3 7.6
    10" BB 59,500 520,625 0.4 7.6
    20" BB 119,000 1,041,250 0.4 15.1


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